drug rehab

The stigma around drug addiction is why people don’t get help

The negative association towards drug addiction

When someone thinks of a drug addict, they may think of someone who is against the idea of rehab.

Or they might perceive someone with a drug addiction as somebody who is only concerned about their next fix.

However, not all drug addicts want to spend their whole lives with addiction.

Many people want to get better, but the negative association with the words ‘drug addict’ can make them delay getting professional help.

Looking for drug rehab

You may be caring for someone who may be developing an addiction to cannabis, heroin, or any other drugs. 

Sometimes, you might miss the common signs of an addiction.

drug rehab

  1. Mood swings
  2. Paranoia
  3. Issues with memory
  4. Unable to focus and concentrate
  5. Insomnia and other sleeping problems
  6. Being secretive and dishonest
  7. Poor work/school performance
  8. Being unable to stop taking specific substances
  9. Feelings of hopelessness
  10. Mental health issues developing (anxiety, depression and stress)

See more signs of drug addiction here.

If you are caring for someone who is showing multiple signs of addiction, you must get help for them.

Don’t worry about the negative stigma around drug addiction.

The most important thing to do is get them help.

Why is the stigma so negative?

Stigmas are the same as stereotypes.

They both tend to be negative and are formed based on the slight majority of those struggling with drugs.

Regarding the negative association with those struggling with drug addiction, many common misconceptions are widely believed.

  • “Drug addicts are against the idea of going to residential rehab for a drug addiction.”
  • “People with addictions have no desire to get better.”
  • “Some addicts have no way to get help because they spend their money craving for their addiction.”

The negative stigma around drug addictions is the main reason why people struggling do not get help.

Even well-meaning loved ones may accidentally repeat the harmful stereotypes relating to drug addiction.

The most important thing for them to do is unlearn it and educate themselves on how the stigma harms people with an addiction.

For information about getting help for an addiction, see here.