5 sleep enhancing tips that will revolutionise your life

Sleep, like fat loss, is involuntary. Sleeping well or losing fat is a product of your brain and nervous system. Good quality sleep has to be the logical thing for your brain to do. Logical according to your brain that is, not actual logical. This might sound odd but it makes creating the desired outcome much easier. Sleep is part of our circadian rhythm, it is one of the things that occurs in a 24 hour cycle. Digestion, energy levels, mental focus, hunger, strength. All of these things have specific times during the day. When these
are inconsistent our sleep often is too. Note: be careful not to take any meaning from not sleeping other than this fact.

“I” statements become self-fulfilling. If you are sleeping well it’s not because you are not a good sleeper. You just haven’t yet found your formula. So… Hormones regulate wake up, sleep, excretion etc. Cortisol (the stress hormone) wakes us up Melatonin (the sleep hormone) helps us to sleep. Our goal before bed is to reduce cortisol. Things that boost cortisol are: – conscious problem solving brain
– light
– tension, poor breathing
– stimulants
– Thirst, hunger

Here is a list of things that will aid sleep in relation to this list:

1. Dis-engage your problem solving brain by first making sure the little things are handled. ie tomorrow’s needs, clothes, food, car. What ever that means to you. Then do something that occupies your brain but isn’t problem solving: I read 15 mins of

2. Remove or switch off overhead lighting. If you are using a phone or tablet, download flux (dims screening and stuff). Do this as early as possible before bed. Make sure your room is light free and also tidy and clean.

3. Meditate: download a meditation app and practise your breathing and muscle relaxation before bed. We often don’t notice our tension and breathing until we focus on it.

4. If you cannot remove them, create a 2pm cut off for caffeine. Make sure sugar is consumed with a meal but never alone. This includes first thing in the morning, sugar consumption to start the day (Porridge, cereal, toast) will set the tone
for energy highest and low through day and night.

5. Eat nutrient dense food until you’re full. Note: everything is a skill, even sleep. If you are waking up in the night or struggling to get to sleep it has likely become a habit. If you change something and note only a slight improvement, stick with it. A new
habit will take time to create. Simple ideas, outstanding results