Counselling, life coaching, freeway, reiki, visualisation therapy, by distance treatment.

By distance treatment also includes conversations over the phone and e-mail, so you know we are only a short click away.

You can e-mail or telephone us for an initial assessment and we will together decide the method to use for further communication. we apply considerably flexability to accommodate everyone.

Telephone counselling is fairly straight forward, we make an appointment for a mutually agreeable time to do the session. Prior to the time you send us a cheque or postal order for 39,oo providing the telephone number is a UK land line. We will when you when call us at the agreed time and we conduct the counselling session over the telephone. For overseas and mobile numbers please ask for quotations, or arrange fo you to call us, providing your number register.

Helping you is our top priority

The in distance treatment has some advantages:

You do not have to leave your home and you do not have to reveal your full identity unless you wish to do so. We call you, so you do not get any funny numbers on the telephone bill, you will have paid for the call in advance.

E-mail counselling works slightly different in the respect that you send us an E-mail at with your initial concerns and we will get back to you regarding payment and outcome of the initial assessment.