Please contact us if you need advice regarding life changes, including career pathways.

Communicating over the phone

Counselling, life coaching, freeway, reiki, visualisation therapy, by distance treatment.

By distance treatment also includes conversations over the phone and e-mail, so you know we are only a short click away. You can e-mail or telephone us for an initial assessment and we will together decide the method to use for further communication. we apply considerably flexability to accommodate everyone.

Other types of therapy:

Visulisation Therapy is a slightly different way of dealing with your problems. Through a light trance state we will help you to visualise the past as well as the present and the future.

A team of qualified therapists will be able to help you to visualise the different outcomes to your particular problem.

Kick start your health career

oining either the health or beauty industry is beyond rewarding. Knowing you can help somebody with their general health, including mental health and aesthetic appeal really makes it the best industry to work in. Once you’re in, you have no regrets about doing something you love. See training.